Did Mermaids Ever Really Exist and Are Mermaids Real?

The beautiful creatures with human bodies down to the waist and scaly, fish-like tails from the waist down exist ONLY in folklore and in fairy tales of many lands.

In ancient Greek mythology, mermaids were beautiful sirens who lured sailors to their deaths. In German fairy tales, these maidens were said to have lived in a castle at the bottom of the Rhine River. Other ancient legends say that mermaids were once mortal maidens who were captured and lured into the ocean by mermen. How, then, did these legends start?

mermaids exist

Probably from tales told by sailors and ocean travelers who had caught glimpses of real sea creatures called manatees, or sea cows. These mammals live in the ocean, but must come up to the surface to breathe in air. Like all other mammals, the manatee feeds her baby milk and cradles it in her flippers while nursing.

Because of this and because of the manatee’s somewhat human facial appearance, when it pops up out of the water to feed on sea grass with its flippers held out before it, it almost appears to be standing. So from a distance, or in a fog, or for a sailor with poor eyesight, the “mermaid” legend might very well have begun.

A full-grown manatee eats from 60 to 100 pounds of food a day to keep its 9- to 10-foot body weighing about 1,500 pounds!


  1. Cherelle says

    I really think they exist because if they didn’t, why make a movies about them for etc the little mermaid and who just comes up with a name like that. And why are they hiding them. They are people also.

  2. Jamela says

    Hey Mermaids do exist, 95% of the oceans are not yet discovered. Who knew they might be somewhere out there, hiding deep within the oceans.

  3. taddy says

    mermaids do exist those who don’t have the truth of mermaids like me in their soul like me well….. i have nothing to say about them but if mermaids are fake why people even talk about them and know about them how u could say they don’t exist . b.t.w the geologist or the historian got proof if they exist well they are real .and 1 more thing if u c pictures of them on youtube they do not look pretty they are hidious but they do exist i am with the people who beleive in them . i wish u good day 2 the people who have a soul like mine.

  4. ....... says

    Who says they cant exist? they might not be beautiful girls who sing to sailers but there might be a creature which has the appearance of both fish and human! old legends and myths have to come from somewhere.

  5. amber says

    Mermaids probably don’t exist now but they did …..i know because they would not come up with the little mermaid without inspiration….historians claim that mermaids are all dead because of many huricanes caused by the mermaids and the sinking of ships….also u wonder why would they come up with the mermaid and how they keep producing more mermaids…they have kids like fish lik eggs….thanks for reading I hope this really helped you.✅✔

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