Do Cats Really Have 9 Lives?

Most cats live for about 14 years, although some have been known to live to the age of 30 and even beyond.

do cats have 9 lives

The myth that a cat has 9 lives probably came about because of its ability to escape from many dangerous situations without harm. Cats have good memories, keen eyesight, and exceptional senses of smell and hearing.

These combine with their swiftness and agility to help them out of danger.

So even though a cat may escape with its life many times, it still lives only once, just as any other animal.


  1. Muriel. says

    My first time to this site, makes me feel ill, (part reading), what some people, will do to cats, or any animal. No animal is stupid, only people who think they are.! Give them love and attention, and you will get it back, A cat is a cat, but to its owner, they are very special, in so many ways. I have two cats, and love them dearly, and have much fun, watching them, and playing with one of them. The other cat is ill, took it to Vet, not sure yet if she, Puss Puss, will recover. but she loves to be cuddled.

    God Bless, and Love to all animal lovers.

  2. Mornalicious says

    I hate cats and always will. In my country people who keep cats are said to be evil. Give me one good reason to love an animal that is used by witches and wizards!!!!!!!!!! Say whatever you like I don’t care

  3. bakary trawally says

    i think cats are free from insurance payment. Then they shouldn’t use the road as their house.

  4. Bebe says

    One time a cat ran in front of my car when i was diving i dont know if it survived but i really hope it did i cried : (

  5. Nyans Cat Superior says

    Hey! i know someone that hit a cat its he DIDN’T die but his leg broke..his head is squished. One eye popped out…i wonder what life he is on…and how many does he have left….poor cat ):

  6. Young Twin says

    I love cats I have 1 and it is like my bestfriend. I take care of my cat like family.

  7. lion says

    i have a cat and 1: it fell off a tree 2: it was hit with a soccerball going high speeds 3: it fell out of my car while driving at speeds of 40 mph and 4: i was sleeping with it and i squished it by the way i weigh 247. the cat is still alive with a broken leg now.

  8. Shelly-B says

    every living thing on earth has only one life.. its just that they’re saying that cats are hard to be killed.

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