How Can a Doctor Help Me With My Depression?

A doctor can work with you to help you find new options to relieve your depression. The best thing you can do to make your depression treatment a success is to find a doctor who will work with you and whom you can trust. The two of you need to work as a team, making decisions, sharing information, and discussing the benefits and risks of different treatment options. It should be a two-way street with mutual participation in all decisions. If you feel that you do not know enough to participate in the clinical decisions, then it is the responsibility of your physician to educate you until you do. Do not be afraid to point this out to him or her if the situation comes up.

If you already have a doctor and it does not seem possible to develop this type of working relationship and mutual trust, you may want to look for a new doctor. It’s important that you get a correct diagnosis and the right treatment, and you’ll need the right doctor in order to get it.

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