How Did Mount Rushmore Get Its Name and Who Was Mount Rushmore Named After?

Rushmore wasn’t the guy who carved the mountain.

After gold was discovered in South Dakota in 1874, the Sioux tribes that lived there were forced out, and prospectors and a smattering of tourists and curiosity-seekers moved in.

In 1885, a New York attorney named Charles Rushmore was riding through the area on a guided horseback tour and asked the name of the mountain.

His guide teased the city slicker: “Hell, it never had a name, but from now on we’ll call the thing Rushmore.”

Strangely enough, the name stuck.

The lawyer Rushmore, by the way, never abandoned his rocky namesake, he was one of the first to donate a large sum of money toward carving the mountainside.

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  • kailey

    yea some guy said that he went to see mount rushmore in 1919 but the funny part is is the mountion was not built till 1927….