How Did the Seven Days of the Week Get Their Names and What Do They Mean?

Although originating in Roman mythology, many of our names for days of the week came from the Vikings.

“Sunday” is a tribute to the sun.

“Monday” is a tribute to the moon.

“Tuesday” is from the Germanic war god Tiu.

“Wednesday” takes its name from the Germanic sky god Woden.

“Thursday” is from the Norse thunder god Thor.

“Friday” is from the Norse love goddess Frigg.

“Saturday” is named after the Roman god Saturn.

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    I didn’t take not with the last page but Satrin not Saturn, Saturn is a roman god. Satrin is nordic/germanic. Since germany was the larger part of the holy roman empire Tiw is acceptable over Tyr and Woden over Odin. Friday was named after Frey or Freya (I can’t remember which was the female).