How Far Is It to the Center of the Earth and How Hot Is the Inner Core of the Earth?

It’s about 3,700 miles (5,957 km) to the center of the earth.

The inner core of the Earth is believed to consist of an iron-nickel alloy, and may have a temperature similar to the Sun’s surface.

The existence of an inner core that is distinct from the liquid outer core was discovered in 1936 by seismologist Inge Lehmann using observations of earthquake-generated seismic waves that can be detected by sensitive seismographs on the surface of the earth.

The temperature of the inner core is estimated by using the melting temperature of impure iron at the pressure of the inner core boundary, which leads us to a figure of 5,700 K (5,430 °C; 9,800 °F).

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  • Harry Wagoner

    I have been reading these articles concerning the “facts” on the weight of the earth and the thickness of the layers. What I find is none of the figures agree with each other. One place states the distance to the center of the earth is 3.700 miles, another place it says 3,900 miles.
    Things don’t add up.