How High Can a Flea Jump?

Fleas are the best jumpers in the insect world. They can jump eight to ten inches high, many times their own height.


The tiny flea is a parasitic insect, one that lives on other animals. It is best known for living on dogs and cats, but fleas also live on other animals, such as rats, mice, birds, small rodents, and sometimes even on people. They live by sucking the blood of their host.

The flea uses its jumping ability to survive. It has strong, spiny, muscular jumping legs which it uses to get from place to place. When the adult flea emerges from its cocoon, it begins to look for a host, for it must have blood to live.

Some fleas jump toward objects they see moving, but it is also thought that fleas can sense when an animal is near from its smell. Some fleas can only live on certain types of animals. But most fleas pass from animal to animal.

High speed photographs of fleas jumping show that they can do somersaults in the air and even land on their hosts upside down!

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  • Anonymous

    i have a question about fleas do they tickle your face because when i,m at home i feel like things are jumping on my arms and face is this fleas because you have said they only jump 8 to 10 inches thanx.

  • Gail

    Yes, they can jump as high as a twelve story building! An incidently, I had one jump on my face the other day also!

  • youdntknowme

    Okay. Fleas cannot jump up to a twelve story building. Sorry you but, that’s a crock. In scale they can only reach heights equivalent to that of a two story structure. Which to us is only 6 to 10 inches. If you had one land on your arm or face you should look to your clothing.

  • Jungjung

    The flea can jump 350 times its body length. It’s like a human jumping the length of a football field.

  • fleahater

    all i can say for sure is that its more than 8 to 10 inches so it would seem that the know it alls dont know jack. they must be on your clothes they say well i was infested so bad i felt like they were all over me i sat in my house on a chair in the nude with deepwoodsoff all over me and they were jumping off the floor on my face. i actualy googled body suits that keep out bugs while you sleep i didnt find anything out there so i thought i might construct my own bubble to live in with an oxygen hook up to it figuring if they cant feed off me sooner or later theyll all die. i wouldnt wish a flea infestation on my worst enemy.

  • noah vega

    Thank you, my brother thought they could jump 2 statue of liberties stacked