How Many People Have Jumped Off the Golden Gate Bridge and Survived?

Nobody knows for sure how many people have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, because it’s a sure bet that many people have leapt to their deaths without their bodies being recovered.

What we do know is that more than 1,200 have jumped since the San Francisco landmark opened in 1937.

Although primarily a motorway, the bridge is open to pedestrians and is a popular tourist attraction.

The record suicide year to date is 1995, with 45 known suicides, most years average less than half that, plus 68 people who were stopped from jumping.

Of those who have taken the 250-foot drop, only 23 are known to have survived.

Although people might imagine that this is a peaceful way to go, being swallowed by the soothing waters, in fact it is more like hitting pavement.

When jumpers crash against the water at 75 to 80 mph, their ribs are usually broken into shards that puncture their vital organs as they drown.

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