Is There Really a Loch Ness Monster?

About 90 million years ago, huge animals roamed our land and seas. We know that dinosaurs have become extinct, but we do not know for certain what has happened to such huge sea beasts as the forty-foot-long mosasaurs. Could they have managed to survive in the deep lakes and oceans?

In Loch Ness, a 750-foot deep, 24-mile-long lake in Scotland, people have been reporting seeing a monster as long ago as 565 A.D. Pictures supposedly taken on the lake usually show either a series of humps or a small snakelike head with a long neck on a 30-foot body rising out of the water.

Some people insist that these are only pictures of floating logs or groups of playful otters. But until there is more definite proof, the answer to the question “Is there really a Loch Ness monster?” has to be “maybe.”

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  • Jessica

    A.M.T.D. Anonymous is kinda scary. There is no loch ness monster and anyone who loves this “Nessie” seriously needs help. No wonder why they want to be anonymous!

  • Anonymous

    is there really a monster i dont think so they maybe demons who knows God might so ask him

  • post

    i love the loch ness monster and do not want anyone to find her

  • high flyin monkeys

    i think that nessi is real but i’m a believer of all creatures

  • Oh, come on

    The loch was frozen solid during the last ice age…