What Are Pringles Potato Chips Made of and How Do They Make Pringles Chips the Exact Same Size and Shape?

Procter & Gamble who makes Pringles, uses dried potato flakes blended with sugar, oil, salt, and water to form a dough.

what are pringles made of

The dough is then squeezed out of an extruder and stamped into gourmet discs before being fried on a curved screen.

In other words, they’re not real slices of potato and they’re all completely formed and shaped exactly the same way by machines. Because of this, they stack well.

Pringles hold an important chapter in the annals of potato chip history, although the debate still rages over whether a Pringle is a real “potato chip” at all.

Potato chips were once a regional product because they broke easily in shipping and their shelf life was limited.

Pringles, on the other hand, packed in a vacuum-sealed tennis ball canister, could be shipped to the four corners of the earth with less destruction and greater longevity and could be included in Proctor & Gamble shipments alongside their laundry detergent and other assorted goods.

Calling themselves potato chips, Pringles took a bite out of the market, making the other potato chip companies good and angry.

Several sued P&G in an effort to force them to put the word “imitation” on their potato chip label.

The FDA, however, ruled in favor of P&G. Proctor & Gamble could continue calling their potato paste product a “chip” as long as they had the words “made from dried potatoes” on the package somewhere.

In recent years, offered in a wide choice of flavors, Pringles have been in the top five most-popular salty snacks in the United States.

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  • Ken Willcox

    Love Pringles and I love the canisters they come in – they are actually decorative enough to sit on one of my bookcases and are perfect for sorting change! lol