What Are Some Examples of Volcanic Islands?

One of the most romantic, and dangerous, examples is the chain of islands that form the state of Hawaii.

These islands were created by volcanoes erupting from Earth’s mantle. In fact, the smallest island is still growing as a result of molten rock continuing to spew up from beneath the ocean floor.

The Hawaiian Islands currently float over one of Earth’s hotspots. The intense heat in that spot in the mantle results in volcanic activity, ultimately creating an island. A chain of islands is formed because the Pacific plate is slowly moving.

As the plate shifts, the island on top is carried with it. Then, the new area over the hotspot will likely become home to another volcanic island.

The Scillys (pronounced “sillies”) were once a popular spot for pirates to hide out.

The Hawaiian Islands formed over a hotspot, a place of high volcanic activity away from tectonic plate margins. Volcanoes over the hotspot gradually built up land masses that became islands.

As the tectonic plate moves, it carries these islands away from the hotspot, and the volcanic activity on them decreases.

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