What Do Camels Eat, How Much Do They Eat, and Do Camels Chew Their Cud Like Cows?

If food is hard to find, a camel will eat anything, bone, meat, leather, and even garbage.

camel eating

Camels usually eat grass, various plants, hay and dry grains, and can eat up to 9 pounds per day.

Camels seem to always be chewing something don’t they.

Camels do ruminate, or chew their cud, but they are, confusingly enough, not considered true ruminants.

They have only three separate stomach chambers, which, in part, keeps them from being classified with other ruminants, which have four chambers.

The stomachs, though, function in a similar way, receiving unchewed food as filler and, after letting it sit in their stomachs for a while, burping it back up to be chewed and re-digested.

Camels eating green herbage can ingest sufficient moisture in milder conditions to maintain their bodies’ hydrated state without the need for drinking.

It’s like two meals for the price of one.

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