What Is the Best Way to Walk Across Hot Coals Without Getting Burned?

The trick to walking across hot coals without getting burned is to do it really carefully.

Actually, there’s no real trick involved, and you don’t need to be spiritually evolved or fortified with meditation and fasting.

We will tell you how it’s done if you promise not to try this at home or anywhere else.

First of all, successful fire-walkers use dry wood, not charcoal or stones, and let it burn for quite a while so the ashes can build up.

Wood coals don’t generate much heat, and as they get crushed underfoot, they get even cooler.

The coals are raked very thin so that even though they’re still glowing, there are spaces between them. Fire-walkers walk quickly and take only a few steps through the pit.

Also, they often have wet grass or a small puddle of water at each end of the pit to put out any embers and cool the feet.

Still, even in optimal conditions, some fire-walkers do get minor bums and blisters.

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