What Is the Last Largest Number You Can Count To?

If you started to count today and continued counting day and night, without stopping, for the rest of your life, you would never get to a last number, because there isn’t one.

Mathematicians tells us that no matter how large a number you would get to, there would always still be one larger.

This idea is important in science and has a special name, infinity, and its own special symbol, ∞.


  1. mythbuster says

    All stupid fools! There is no end or beginning to a number… think of it…go as far back your imagination can take you (-)???? (if you have imagination) and go forward as far as your imagine takes you +???… there lies your number… and behold! there is no beginning or end… so stop bothering about it. The very reason you discuss this simple, common sense topic proves your “insanity”!!! Infinity is just an imagined word to fill up this vacuum, but that’s also your imagination… got it, fools!!!

  2. Jean says

    I was researching this for my 7 year old….he always tells me that he loves me the last number. And that he loves God the second to last number. This morning he was wanting to know what the last number was….so sometimes we look for things for many reasons. I’m glad I could do this with my son.

  3. B.A says

    space and time never ends and no one can catch up with it so just dont worry

  4. Ysureican Fogarty says

    The largest number one can count to is “One Google”. That is one million followed by one millioon zeros. At that point it becomes impractical to use our number system and the speed of light is used to measure distances or measurements. Please note the speed of light is a vast number thus is shortened and squared etc. will be utilized.

    by ysureican

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