What Is the Last Largest Number You Can Count To?

If you started to count today and continued counting day and night, without stopping, for the rest of your life, you would never get to a last number, because there isn’t one.

Mathematicians tells us that no matter how large a number you would get to, there would always still be one larger.

This idea is important in science and has a special name, infinity, and its own special symbol, ∞.


  1. Anonymous says

    The largest number one can count to depends how how fast you can count and how long you have until you die. It has nothing to do with infinity.

  2. Kelli Winstead says

    What about a million and two? And, for those of you who do not know how to count very well, well I just got to say that numbers always end. No matter what. What about a zillion, by the way.

  3. martyn says

    eh? the largest number YOU can count to is the number you reach when you die after counting all life, how is that stupid? maybe you are too stupid to understand the simple logic!

    the largest number in the world is NaN because numbers are infinite as the universe

  4. My word..... says

    Really people? The question is what is the largest number that YOU can count to, not what is the largest number!!!!!!!! The largest number you can count to is based on you. GOSH.

  5. To the dumb ones, says

    Oh yeah? What about 2 googleplexes? Or a googleplex of googleplexes? THERE IS NO LARGEST NUMBER!

  6. dragon says

    just google – Milli-Millillion ;)
    It is 10 followed by 3000003 zeroes…probably the largest number with a name :D

  7. gooolplex says

    10^2 = 100

    10^100 = Googol

    10^Googol = Googolplex

    10^Googolplex = ???

    3155760000 seconds in 100 years if you live that long so if u count every second then you get that far at best.

    In words: three billion one hundred and fifty five million seven hundred and sixty thousand.

  8. anonymous says

    actually numbers has no end example if you’ve thought of something and think it is the last number what happens if add 1 to it and add another 1 then another and so on

  9. no end says

    some things we witness in life are endless, like space and indeed numbers, its just hard for some people to comprehend that not everything has an END.
    It is built in to us through day to day life that everything has an end.

  10. Take a guess says

    I dont know about counting. But I would say easiest way to explain the last number is the number 9, good old simple 9. Reason 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, then you get 10 and that is only the numbers 1 and 0, so after 9 numbers just start dobling up.
    Also lets say 100 was the last number, the “1” and the two “0”s can be 9’s (999)
    Or the number 1000000 = 9999999. So with that 9 is and always will be the LAST NUMBER.

    Thank you and good day.

  11. josh bradley says

    i’ve heard of a such number that was called like septuaterillion… 1 followed by 7 billion 0’s… googol and googolplex aren’t the real names of the numbers… i know for sure that googolplex is 1 & 600,000 0’s…

  12. josh bradley says

    actually a googolplex is a 1 with a googol 0’s… the next number name after sextillion (1 with 600,0000 0’s)

  13. Juan says

    There is no last number … they would always keep going … its just that the names get so complex, that people havent even made a name for that number. So all you jerks saying what the last number?, or OMG the last number is infinity. … Infinity isnt a number …. its more like a word that describes infinite stuff .. heres an example according to numbers. Numbers are INFINITE.

  14. nonywise says

    sepuatertrillion, right? What bout octatrillion i.e 800,000 0’s. Use your brain.

  15. zayn says

    i can tell you what the largest number it is number 9 because you have to add a lot of numbers because 9 is big and after 2.9 you have to go to 3.0 so nine is the biggest number thats the proof

  16. mythbuster says

    All stupid fools! There is no end or beginning to a number… think of it…go as far back your imagination can take you (-)???? (if you have imagination) and go forward as far as your imagine takes you +???… there lies your number… and behold! there is no beginning or end… so stop bothering about it. The very reason you discuss this simple, common sense topic proves your “insanity”!!! Infinity is just an imagined word to fill up this vacuum, but that’s also your imagination… got it, fools!!!

  17. Jean says

    I was researching this for my 7 year old….he always tells me that he loves me the last number. And that he loves God the second to last number. This morning he was wanting to know what the last number was….so sometimes we look for things for many reasons. I’m glad I could do this with my son.

  18. B.A says

    space and time never ends and no one can catch up with it so just dont worry

  19. Ysureican Fogarty says

    The largest number one can count to is “One Google”. That is one million followed by one millioon zeros. At that point it becomes impractical to use our number system and the speed of light is used to measure distances or measurements. Please note the speed of light is a vast number thus is shortened and squared etc. will be utilized.

    by ysureican

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