When Did Daffy Duck First Appear On TV and Who Is Daffy Duck’s Voice Based On?

Daffy Duck’s screen debut was in the 1937 cartoon Porky’s Duck Hunt.

The story of Daffy’s voice is legendary.

According to director Chuck Jones in his autobiography, Chuck Amuck, the animators were brainstorming to complete the duck character, and someone imitated the distinctive, lisping voice of Leon Schlesinger, their boss.

The director and animators laughed and jumped on the idea of using their much-hated boss’s voice and personality for the duck, not really thinking out the ramifications of what they were doing.

As they got further along with the project, though, they started to realize that a day of reckoning was coming soon: Schlesinger, after all, was going to have to see and approve the cartoon.

While the animators and director were feverishly writing out just-in-ease, you-can’t-fire-me-because-I-quit resignation letters, Schlesinger appeared for the showing.

The projector started and the animators all sat quietly through the show, nervously anticipating the boss’s reaction.

Finally, the lights came up.

Schlesinger stood up and shrieked, “Jesus Crithe, that’s a funny voithe! Where’d you get that voithe?” not realizing for a minute it was his own that they’d mimicked.

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