When Did Humans Appear On Earth?

This is not an easy question to answer. Debates rage over which fossils can be called truly hominoid (humanlike), or hominid (human).

The development of human characteristics took place over millions of years. The earliest primate (an order of mammals that includes humans, apes, and monkeys), no bigger than a rat, appeared 60 million years ago.

About 10 million years ago, the Ramapithecus showed remarkable hominoid attributes. But there is no further evidence until 6 million years later.

The first generally accepted hominoid is called Australopithecus, and some believe they are actually the most primitive of the human lineage.

Homo habilis, dating back at least 2 million years in modern-day Africa, is undisputedly human. Less than a half-million years later, Homo erectus lived in Africa as well as in Asia and Europe.

A fossil skull fragment discovered in England is the oldest known example of modern-day humans: a 300,000-year-old Homo sapien.

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    i don’t believe in evolution can you somehow convience me to believe it?

  • Al Barrs

    May 29, 2011

    I don’t believe Modern Humans are descendants from any of the so called hominids which are claimed to be ancestors of Modern Humans solely on the appearance of their skeletal resemblance to Modern Human’s skeletons. Here is why and my evidence…

    Neanderthals were the most similar and latest hominid to we Modern Humans. Neanderthals and Modern Humans lived for many thousands of years in the same regions.

    When DNA was finally extracted from Neanderthal remains they were found to have no genetic link to Modern Humans. They were totally different beings. My DNA has been linked unbroken back to 60,000 years. Neanderthal was no doubt the most recent ancestors of all the other hominids found in Africa and it is known that Neanderthal originated in Africa and migrated into Europe several hundred thousands of years ago. Neanderthal are the direct descendants of African early hominids and chimpanzees, if one wants to believe that, but if they are direct descendants of chimps why are chimpanzees still chimps?

    Today Modern Humans are millions of evolutionary years beyond all other life forms on Earth. The question is how could that be if all life forms on Earth started evolving at the same time from a chemical soup in a hot pool of liquid? For Modern Humans to be millions of evolutionary years more advanced than all other life forms on Earth it would have necessarily had to have been Modern Humans who were the first life forms on Earth. There is no evidence of that. Otherwise Modern Humans could not have advanced millions of years beyond all other life forms on Earth.

    Modern Humans are unique and different from all other life forms on Earth. All other life forms on earth have identical or very similar mental capability…except Modern Humans who are far advanced.

    I don’t have the answers, but I believe Modern Human’s interconnected brain lobes account for our intelligence and therefore our survival in a fast changing dangerous environment. The connection of all of our brain lobes to each other allows we Humans to utilize all our brain lobes simultaneously where other animals can only use a limited number of their brain lobes simultaneously. All other animal’s brains are wired like series electrical circuits (single track minds) and Human brains are wired like parallel electrical circuits (multi-track minds).

    Al Barrs