Where Did Olives Come From?

Today, most of the olives we eat come from Spain or Italy. But the original home of the olive tree is in the Middle East, where it was common all around the Mediterranean Sea by biblical times. Traders later brought olive tree seeds and cuttings to Europe and North Africa.

Olives are never eaten fresh from the tree. Fresh olives have a bitter taste, so they must be pickled in salted water before they can be eaten.

The most important product of the olive tree is not the fruit itself, but its oil. Olive oil was so valuable in ancient times that people sometimes measured their wealth by how many jars of olive oil they owned!

Olive trees live for so long that some trees still alive today may have been producing olives at the time of Christ!

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  • Anonymous

    i kno olives com from an olive tree but do the get produced by the flower??

  • Safia

    I REALLY Love this wonderful, beautiful truth about Olive Oil.

    I’m from Algeria so I’m always around Olive Oil (=. I can get it any time, by either buying it (though it is quite expensive(of course)) or getting it naturally from trees (which, I have be4!! (:), but the organic Olives from Trees isn’t of course around Year wide..

    But, anyway, Lol.
    If anyone wants to continue this convo about Olive Oil, Algeria or anything else, just hit me up.

  • Patricia McCollum

    I love olives, I eat them right out of the jar, a lot, will they hurt me? The green ones, I like the chopped up ones best, I’ll buy whole ones if I have too.so last nite I was just wondering where they come from ,or can I grow my own .i have a craving going on,They give me that twangy,sour taste that I can’t seem to get from like lemons,or green grapes,do they grow in Ga. Is there somewhere I can go see them grown for myself