Where Is the Hottest Place On Earth?

So you think it’s hot where you are? Not even close.

The Hottest Place on Earth ever recorded was El Azizia in Libya where the temperature reached a scorching 136 degrees Fahrenheit (57.8 Celsius) on Sept. 13, 1922. Making it the hottest place in the world.

hottest place on earth
The second hottest place recorded on earth was in Death Valley, California, USA, where it got up to 134 Fahrenheit (57.8 Celsius) on July 10, 1913.

Dallol, Ethiopia, is the warmest place on earth with an average yearly ambient surface air temperature of 307.55 kelvin (34.4°C = 93.92°F).


  1. Jefferzon says

    try living in Seattle washington. 149% humidty, category 5 hurricane, 6 degrees(-14C), sun spot point 5.2 vertex araption, and my shlong grew 4 inches. just a typical day in Seattle

  2. austin horton says

    === The hottest air temperature ever recorded on earth:

    2005 in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7° Celsius which is 159.26° Fahrenheit. (the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrophotometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite actually records this as surface temperature, so the record doesn’t apply)

    Previous to this on Sept. 13, 1922 El Azizia in Libya 57.8 °C (136°F)

    Death Valley, California, USA, where it got up to 57.1°C (134°F) on July 10, 1913.

    Highest average:

    The hottest average is Kalahari desert in South Africa=43.3 degrees Celsius=109.94 F

    Dallol, Ethiopia, is the most consistently warm place on earth with an average yearly ambient surface air temperature of 34.4°C = 93.92F

  3. m. says

    I survived one week in Arfoud, Morocco, during the day from 57 to 62 C, and during the night pleasantly cold 35 C. u never go to pee, u just drink 5 bottles of water a day ;). I recommend to carry the bottle close to u!!

  4. ZADY says

    Iran does have the hottest temperature on earth, but it is not a hot country in general. it does live up to its standards because its close to the equator.
    in tehran, it snows in the winters and so does most of the northern parts of the country. if you want to know how iran’s climate is in different parts of the country.

  5. Me says

    Southern Arizona has reached over 46c, and that’s not even the hottest part of Arizona.

  6. Wa boy says

    I’ve just realized that fitzroy crossing kimberley region western Australia is higher than I mentioned with whyndham as Wyndham is 35.6 and fitzroy crossing is 36.1

  7. Ali says

    hi guys
    beleive me the hottest place in earth is “Gandom beryan” region near “shahdad” in kerman privince of iran. the average yearly temp that recorded by Prof krduni here is 40 degrees. political issues made a big question mark of iran.

  8. faisal says

    Ever heard about Jacobabad and Sibbi in Pakistan? one of the hottest places and Siachen, also in Pakistan, the coldest place.

  9. michael luzecky says

    According to google the hottest temperature was in El Azizia Libya 136F so STOP LYING ABOUT IRAQ LIBYA IS THE HOTTEST PLACE EVER IN THE WORLD

  10. Mr.VA says

    307.55 is measured in kelvin, equates to 93.92f. so its not 307.55c, thats not a celsius reading, lol.

  11. Anonymous says

    Actually, there is a drier region. The Atacama Desert, Chile. It receives 1/100 of an inch of rain a year, on average! This is due to the fact that the Humboldt Current carries all moisture away from the desert, and the fact that it is in the rain shadow of one of the world’s tallest mountain ranges: The Andes at the same time. It would take over 100 years for the rain there to fill a coffee cup.

  12. gfgffgf@gyggyg.com says

    Maybe the Earth’s core
    “temperature is estimated at around 5000 to 7000 degrees Celsius.”

  13. happygirl says

    I just came back from India and it reached up to 130 degrees. I was melting even under the fan.

  14. Chris says

    THE hottest…place on earth is in Kuwait, sitting on a 747 with no a/c on a 53 c day…just a big metal thermal heat sink with no air movement.There’s also humidity of 80%….Phoenix is a garden spot by comaprison Period. Been there, done that, don’t got the t-shirt!

    The earths core and nuclear temps are great….if you could survive there.

  15. Vasos says

    In Cyprus last year, our temperature has reached 46°C (114.8 °F) making one of the hotest places in Asia during that year and one of the highest temperatures in Cyprus. In addition, Cyprus has an average summer temperature about 40°C (104 °F).

  16. Mike says

    It sure as Hell isn’t New Zealand that’s for sure! cold Summer’s and even colder Winters…

  17. Joe says

    According to David Attenborugh, the driest place on Earth is Antartica. I think it’s call the Dry Valleys. Some alledge that it hasn’t rained there in 2 millon years. i don’t know whether ot not that’s true or not.

    Also, I read that the Lybian desert recently broke Death Valley’s record for the hottest recorded temparture.

  18. Phiroz says

    Richards Bay (South Africa) is very hot and humid. You perspire as if you are doing intense exercise. I recorded at temperature of 45.6 deg Celcius; with the high humidity it is unbearable.

  19. abbas says

    The hottest place on Earth in 2005 was in the Lut Desert in Iran at 70.7 degrees Celsius.

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