Which Is the Oldest Nation On Earth?

Only 45 of today’s nations were independent before the 20th century. And only one nation can trace its independence back to before the time of Christ.

Ethiopia, the East African nation formerly known as Abyssinia, has been an independent nation since at least the eleventh century B.C. The rulers of Ethiopia have claimed descent from the biblical King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, who, according to legend, was actually the ruler of Ethiopia.

And some historians claim that Ethiopia has existed as an independent nation since around the year 3000 B.C. That would make Ethiopia more than 4,900 years old!


  1. Tom Filmorne says

    Armenia has the be one of the oldest if not the oldest nation.
    When you look at the spreading of the European people you can clearly see that most Europeans migrated out of Armenia. Noah’s ark landed in Armenia, if you’re a Christian and follow the bible then Armenia is the right answer for you.

  2. Alex says

    I really like the debates between all of you. Armenia may be the source of migration in Europe but It is amazing when people think that Europe was populated before Africa. You can all search the web, libraries and what not, the reality is a country with the oldest human fossils, a country which stood firm for thousands of years, and still standing without any colonization, or being ruled by foreign govt. is Ethiopia. Countries like Armenia were colonized by the Romans, Russians,..; and India was colonized by Britain,..; Egypt was colonized by the Romans, Arabs, Britain,….; need I go on?

    Some Other Facts about Ethiopia –

    > The first African Christian was an Ethiopian – Acts 8:26-39
    > Kicked Europe’s Ass (Italy – lost more than 52% of their troops and returned home with shame) – ( Adwa War – 1896)
    > Played a major role in removing colonialism in Africa (By supporting freedom fighters all over Africa)
    > The first Christian Nation to acknowledge Muslims as brothers and sisters (Introduced co-existence between different religions)
    > Home to some of the most sacred Christian and Muslim icons and places (Like, the Arc of Covenant – For Christians, and a Mosque which is as old as the religion itself and refered as the second mecca – the “Al Nejashi Mesjid”)

    A lot can be said about ETHIOPIA.

  3. Tony says

    Croatia has to be one of the earliest independent European nations/kingdoms (approx 879-925ad) still in existence today! It is in basically the same location, using the same name and using the same national symbols. Its just amazing how this tiny nation has stood the test of time withstanding so many invaders. Text books are slow to recognise this fact.

  4. Navid says

    It’s definitely Iran (Persia), it was established in 3200bc
    according to Wikipedia

  5. Arthur says

    Armenia is the oldest nation still in existence except it had different names such as ararat urartu and hayasa. There were also many seperate armenian knigdoms like cilicia and mittani. And as far as im concerned the ancient predesecors of armenian sholvari and shomu tribes were the oldest civilizations dating back to 6500 bc

  6. Ethiopian says

    I came to this site looking for an answer on “Nationhood”.

    No one has the answer I am looking for. Everyone needs to look up the definition of “Nation” in the dictionary. Including the Phd student.

    Some are talking about Christianity, some about oldest skeleton found, some about the Bible.
    It was too funny actually :-)

  7. Kostas says

    I’m a Greek and I have to say that I did some search for quite some time now, and I have to say that the most ancient nations are

    1) Armenia
    2) Ethiopia
    3) Egypt
    4) Greece
    5) Syria
    6) Persia
    7) China

    These are the most ancient ! Actually the rest of the nations evolved out of these 7 during the course of the years ! This is a fact which cannot be denied by any independent historian or archaeologist !

  8. Djimon says

    The oldest nation in the world is Armenia it is a fact that nobody can change it

  9. raffi sislian says

    Historical facts prove that most ancient surviving people to this date is definitely Armenians,refer to Holy Bible,and all ancient discoveries,maps ,ancient historians notes found so far .I think these are enough to conclude the argument of defining the oldest living people on earth.

  10. Serb says

    Today is 7522. year in Serbian calendar. Serbs are oldest nation in the world, and we measure time from 5508 year B.C. I don’t know any nation which have eldest calendar.

  11. S h i a t s s a y s says

    The topic is which country that still exists today is the oldest independent country, not race, not people, not civilization. Which country or nation that still exist today has never been conquered or joined another country? Which nation stands alone from the time it became independent until these days.

  12. zol says

    serbians have the only dna different to the rest and whole world caries a part of it. Europeans are serbians they are all, but world wants to extinct serbians like they done with magic giants and everything when anything needs covering they put bible in front.

  13. Niko says

    If you want to find the answer, you should find the oldest stones where u can see letters, i have seen 4000 years old stones, where we can find Armenian letters, and these letters are still used in Armenia.

  14. Napolion dela Rama says

    Definitely, the oldest country in the world is the Philippines from Totoy Escomdro World Encyclopedia ed. 2014

  15. Leon says

    I believe Armenia would be the best answer. Urartu, Hayasa, Nairi etc. These are iron and bronze age Armenian kingdoms. There are some other major facts, such as weapons, accessories,coins, temples found at Armenian archeological sights. The traces of Noah’s arc found in Ararat,and the oldest shoe was recently discovered in Armenia as well.

  16. The Ethiopian says

    If you guys had a little knowledge about evolution, you would have known that Ethiopia is the craddle of humankind. Therefore, it is no wonder that this country is the oldest nation in the world. This is where it all started around 20.000 years ago which reached its zenith around 4000 BC with the begin of ancient Egypts dominance.The departure point of the human speces was Ethiopia, one group went north to todays Sudan, building the city of Meroe( were you can today witness Pyramids) continuing their jounrey, following the Nile, until they reached lower Egypt and established the foundation of human civilization. The third group stayed in todays Ethiopia and founded the Abesinian civilization. Another group went through the Bab El Mandeb and inhabited the World. Geneticists have tested thousands of people around the globe and not a single person was found who can´t trace their ancesters to the to the group of wanderers from Africa.

  17. Somebody says

    The oldest alphabet (about 8000 years) in the world is from Vinca (place in Serbia) – and the Serbs have in their own language 24 identical letters. The oldest language in the world is a Sanskrit – and the Serbs have, most of the world’s, identical words. The oldest calendar in the world is Serbian. Which nation’s oldest, decide for yourself.
    Happy New Year 7524 (Serbian).

  18. bog veli says

    The oldest nation in the world is Macedonian. As it is written and it shall be! For those who claims that they are oldest don’t know that they live on Macedonian lands as it is written!

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