Why Do Cannibals Eat People?

To civilized people, the practice of cannibalism, or eating human flesh, is a horrible thought! Yet it was practiced by many primitive tribes and may still be practiced in some parts of the world today.

These tribes didn’t eat human flesh because they liked it; they did it because it was usually part of a religious observance or part of a sacred ceremony.

Ancient tribes of India ate their parents as a sign of respect and honor. Many primitive people believed that they could acquire the traits of people they admired or respected by eating them, just as they ate lions to become lionhearted; deer, so they could run fast; and foxes, to be cunning.

Nobody is certain how many cannibal tribes exist today. Some say none; others say that there are still several tribes on the South Pacific island of New Guinea practicing cannibalism.

The rarest disease in the world, called Kuru, or laughing sickness, affects only the cannibals of New Guinea and is believed to be caused by eating human brains!


  1. gail hutton says

    I feel these tribes and anyone eating humans can have a bad health affect………like Mad Cow Disease and this could eventuially get to the United States and other places like Aids and Mad Cow disease etc.

  2. santosh rangapure says

    cannibalism bro….. i guess it might have started thousands of years before, when tribal people surviving in some parts of world would have used cannibalism as the punishment for an guilty person… and this might have also continued by their future generations… and and and when some people finded this human flesh tastier then they might have started killing even innocent people and eat… definately the persons involved in this act were ruthless and they cant have any emotions for any one…. it is very disappointing that even today in some parts of world cannibalism is practiced…. we should do something to stop this…

  3. sophia says

    nothing we can do to stop this nonsense we all are scared for this eating flesh of a person could we stop this for making them in prison but maybe before we stop them think twice because it may start occuring to us maybe its a punishment to us for making the world different than the way it was before i wish that it wont happened to anyone.

  4. jl says

    God couldn’t help you if i was starving to death. Seeing how its pretty obvious we evolved and didn’t just show up one day its probably been happening for millions of years not 5000. Just because youv’e been living the good life here in the U.S. dont mean its like this everywhere else. Please stay strong in your false faiths because the rest of us will be eating your ass! An open mind will get you far!

  5. Gabby says

    I dont understand how someone can eat another human flesh and don’t think twice about it. Like, I know they have to have some type of remorse or feel some type of way by practicing this cruel and unusual practice. I understand it was a part of a religion once but now that’s all over and it’s bad enough that we’re killing animals to eat, they wanna kill humans also. That’s ridiculous, cannibals need help!!

  6. Angie says

    Cannibalism isn’t good from my perspective but people only do it for their own good to survive and that was the only way to survive and trust me they wouldn’t do it if they werent about to die so they ate one another to keep from starving to death and dying

  7. Kim says

    only mentally ill people eat humans. Eew… That’s so gross! They’re like just lazy to hunt animals or gather fruits around since they live in forests. Why do they have to live in this world they are all going to hell… MURDERERS.

  8. crazy money says

    cannabalism is sick and twisted, only people with problems and wacky religions do this horrid stuff. cannabalistic people only do it because they feel alone and get a sense of power while eating the meat……….. ick. THINK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! ur killing off ur own kind. they r people to. think of what ur doing!!!

  9. Joey Wheeler says

    Cannabalism is sick and gross do yall eat your brothers and sisters too and you are freaks taking young and old people life away. I mean to the people saying they believe in God Amen Brothers and Sisters to the ones who think it so cool to eat people well you burn when the world ends but dont be begging to God to let you in heaven when you sick freaks eat so many people. And to me you’re like zombies cause you eat your own kind even if I were starving never do it.

  10. Nameless One says

    While I can’t imagine my self ever being in a situation where I need to resort to Cannibalism, I’m sure I might be able if it meant the difference between life or death, sorry if people get offended for me having a survival instinct…woild I ever enjoy cannibalism, probably not, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna lay down and starve because I can’t find any animals to hunt. Also the smartass in me just can’t help but quote a old world war 2 era song, to whoever tried saying they’re too bony to be eaten, “Closer to the bone, sweeter is the meat”…LOL

  11. May says

    Cannibals give me the creeps *shudders*
    Earlier, I watched the “Interview with a Cannibal” on Youtube.
    I took a shower later and felt like I was about to be eaten by that Japanese psycho.
    I don’t believe in any of that religion stuff that they put out there, but I still think it’s
    immoral to eat your own kind. And not just for humans, animals too. All this talk is
    freaky and it can take us far down the rabbit hole.

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