Why Do You Get Chicken Pox Just Once But Colds Many Times?

When you get sick, your white blood cells fight the harmful germs with special germ killers called antibodies.

White cells manufacture antibodies for each particular sickness, so if you have chicken pox, your white blood cells make chicken pox antibodies.

After you are recovered, these antibodies stay in your blood and keep killing any chicken pox viruses that get into your body. That is why you can’t get chicken pox twice.

You have become immune to it.

In the same way, when you get a cold from a cold virus, your body makes antibodies to fight that particular cold virus. You can never get a cold from that particular kind of virus again.

However, since there are more than 200 different kinds of viruses that can cause colds, a new cold virus can enter your body and you will not have antibodies in your blood to fight it.

Then you will get another cold.


  1. James Wilson says

    Yes you sure can get Chicken Pox more than once. I had it as a child , then I had shingles 8 months ago (and it hurts a lot) , now I have just been diagnosed with chicken pox today which is so annoying. Otherwise I am a healty fit 59 YO.

  2. EelKat says

    I have had chicken pox twice, once at age 5 and again at age 13. I almost died the second time. I am not immune to it, so much so that I CAN NOT be vacinated for it and CAN NOT come into contact with any one who has it, or any one who has shingles, or anyone who has come into contact with any one who has either chicken pox or shingles.

  3. ....... says

    You can get chicken pox twice its happend to me D: i was VERY SHOCKED when it happen

  4. Hugo Marcos says

    Why is it the chicken pox virus never leaves the system causing the Shingles?
    From what I know about the cold virus there are three groups group A, B, & C. Unlike the chickent pox virus that is made with a DNA (double helix), the cold virus is made with RNA (single helix) and therefore it mutates and eventually it mutates to a form that the body never seen before and therefore you can get it again because the body does not have antibodies for this mutated virus.

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