Why Is the Lobster Like an Insect?

You probably don’t think of a lobster as anything like an insect . . . especially when you’re eating it. But lobsters and insects are very similar in structure:

Both have hard skeletons covering and protecting their soft bodies; both have many legs with movable joints; both have bodies divided into segments; both have antennae; and both have similar blood, digestive, and reproductive systems.

And while insects are the most numerous creatures on land, lobsters and their relatives (crabs and shrimp) are the most common creatures in the sea.

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  • Robert Leblanc

    a coworker said that he and a few friend were in a park at night. and they were looking for firewood, one of his friend pulled out a small tree and saw what looked like glowing lights and picked it up in his hands. when they looked at it with a flashlight found he had an insect that looked like a small lobster with a tail. now be advised that he and his friends were using drugs. Is there such an insect that would look like a lobster with glowing green eyes?